When people are irresolute, undecided and capricio...

When people are irresolute, undecided and capricious

On several occasions in my career, I have had to deal with people who couldn’t make firm, resolute decisions. They’d confidently make firm statements, only to retract these a few days or a few hours later. And I wonder why people behave this way.

You need information to make decisions. And if you don’t have the right information, then you go by past trends and gut-feel. Perhaps, you’d consult your advisers and close confidants.

And that’s why one needs to do enough research to be sure about the decision he/she takes — or the bold statements he/she makes.

Making irresolute statements can be costly for organizations and employees. Think about the time (and cost) wasted in research — and the disappointment when the project is called off.

Business leaders – please be cognizant of this post.

The writer has been tracking personal and enterprise technology since 1989. He is the former editor of CHIP and InformationWeek magazines - INDIA. Twitter: @brian9p